February 10, 2015

Zeke Logan Of Drake And Zeke Radio Show DIES

Memphis radio personality, Zeke Logan, of the popular show, Drake & Zeke, airing on 98.1 The Maxx, has died only a few months after learning he had an aggressive form of cancer.

Last week, the station made the announcement explaining why Zeke had been recently absent from the show.

drake zeke 400x305 Zeke Logan Of Drake And Zeke Radio Show DIES


“I want to discuss this with you, our family and friends, briefly, and say this is difficult for all of us. About 2 months ago or less Zeke was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. If you’ve been through this with your family and your friends, you know it’s not easy. It’s very hard. And we’ve all tried to maintain privacy and respect for his wife Lori and for his kids Piper and Zach and for his mom Sarah and for us and to carry on as we have as he would have wanted us to do. At this point there is nothing really to say; he is very sick and all we ask is that if you pray to something, do it for him today because it’s not going well. And whatever happens, we’re going to do all in our power to continue this in his name and for his legacy. 27 years we have been with you guys, so that pretty much is the story. So today just have a good thought for him please and we’ll see you tomorrow.”

~ Drake Hall

Zeke Logan Of Drake And Zeke Radio Show DIES 400x170 Zeke Logan Of Drake And Zeke Radio Show DIES

Our thought and prayers go out to Zeke’s friends, family and fans at this difficult time..

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