FOLLOW THE MONEY: IF Bobbi Kristina Dies, Who Gets Whitney’s $20M?

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IF Whitney Houston‘s only child, Bobbi Kristina should pass away, who then is slated to receive the contents of her vast estate, estimated to be worth $20 million?

Houston smartly included a secret provision in her will aimed at revising the distribution of her estate in the event Bobbi Kristina should die.

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Terms of Whitney’s 1993 Last Will & Testament dictate that if daughter Bobbi Kristina “doesn’t survive her,” the estate shall be divided by her mother, Cissy, and other family members. Whitney appointed her mother, Cissy as executor of the will, and after her death three years ago, her sister-in-law, Pat Houston, became co-executor. h/t radaronline

The will, which was completed before Whitney divorced Bobby, states, “If no child of mine survives me: I give all jewelry own at my death to my mother, Emily Cissy Houston, if she survives me; and I give the rest of my tangible personal property to those of my mother.


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