Saudi State TV BLURS Michelle Obama’s FACE As Barack Meets King

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Saudi state television station blurred out Michelle Obama‘s face in their broadcast of her and the President meeting with the new Saudi King Salman.

Several videos posted on Saudis’ Facebook sites were removed shortly after they were posted.

Saudi State TV BLURS Michelle  2


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The new king shook hands with President Obama at the Erga Palace but didn’t acknowledge the first lady at all during a very brief meeting on the side of the funeral for King Abdullah. Barack and Michelle Obama cut short their trip to India to attend the funeral. Other news organizations, such as Al Jazeera, showed the meeting without obscuring Michelle Obama’s face. h/t bloombergview

The Arab news service Mashahead posted on YouTube a video taken from the Saudi government television broadcast. Some Arab media outlets criticized Michelle Obama for wearing a blue dress, rather than a black one, which some say would have been more appropriate for a funeral.

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