Malaysia Airlines Website HACKED ‘ISIS WILL PREVAIL’

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The Malaysia Airlines website was hacked by a group claiming be aligned with the Islamic State extremist group, Lizard Squad.

The airline lost two aircraft last year resulting in 537 people dead or missing.

Malaysia Airlines Website HACKED


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The browser window of the website,, said “ISIS WILL PREVAIL” and the airline’s ticket booking and other services were unavailable. Instead, a full-screen picture of a Malaysia Airlines Airbus Group NV. A380 plane and the messages “404—Plane Not Found,” and “Hacked by Cyber Caliphate,” were displayed on the home page. h/t wsj

Malaysia Airlines spokespeople have not commented. The website remains disabled with a splash page that reads “404 – Plane Not Found.”


Perez Hilton QUITS UK Celebrity Big Brother EXITS HOUSE
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