Cue The JAWS Music: Would You Let Your BABY Sleep IN THIS?

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DA DUM, DA DUM. A NY sculptor built this JAWS themed crib for the baby son of a friend, leaving many to ask the daunting question, “is it safe to go back in the water bed?”

Staten Island artist, Joseph Reginella, built the baby bed after being a longtime fan of the movie Jaws and considers the crib the perfect tribute to his favorite film.

JAWS themed crib 2


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The little guy had to wait until he was two months old to sleep safely in the crib, but now he can slip off to dreamland, his cries soothed by visions of shark teeth and Richard Dreyfuss. h/t mashable

Despite an uneasy start, baby started to feel safe and comfy in the jaws of the Great White shark. But someday, we’re going to need a bigger bed.

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