NYT Shocker: Michelle Obama OPTS OUT OF SENATE RACES…

THECOUNT.COM "News You Can Count On!" - October 1, 2014

‘Believes some Dems have been insufficiently supportive of her efforts to end childhood obesity’…
‘She hates to be away from home’…
‘She resents Republicans for their opposition to her husband’s agenda’…


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  • Donna Dopson

    The truth is that dems have asked her to stay away.

  • sprdthewrd

    Wookie, She-Male, Transvestite, loser !!!

  • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

    You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig.

  • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

    Wonder why this article can not be opened in the Drudge Report??

  • Paul Smith

    She’s not the first lady…I doubt she would know how a lady acts, but those guns denote a male…is that an adam’s apple I see there???

  • BuhByeBarry

    She does have man hands and an Adam’s apple so you might be more right then you realize.

  • BuhByeBarry

    Students resent Michelle for her disgusting lunch program that she is trying to shove down their throats and patriots resent her husband for trying to destroy our country with his unamerican policies and his executive attack on the constitution.

  • corruptionkills

    As soon as a single reporter wanted to talk to the crowd, Michelle ran like Hell before her manufactured supporters could be exposed.

  • eastedie33510

    I decline to refer to Michelle Obama as “First Lady”. This woman is no lady by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Beacon of Truth

    She knows she would receive a shellacking. She is perhaps the most hated First “Lady” in our history. Perhaps the only hated First “Lady” in history. Another significant “first” for Obama.