Melissa Rivers Faces Tough Choice

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Joan Rivers‘ only child, Melissa is faced with a daunting decision, whether or not to remove her mother from life support.

Sources say the decision will have to be made no later than this weekend.

Joan Rivers daughter Melissa


FL Girl 14 SETS HOME ABLAZE After Argument With Parents

The “Fashion Police” host, staying in a private room at the Mount Sinai Hospital, is dependent on machines to stay alive eight days after going into cardiac and respiratory arrest, the sources said. The 81-year-old star’s room was filled with flowers, and her hair and makeup were done as Melissa Rivers pondered her life-and-death choice. Melissa could make the decision to remove the life support over the weekend, the source said. Joan Rivers was “being kept comfortable” in her new room after leaving the intensive care unit Wednesday, her daughter said. source

State health officials are now probing the Upper East Side clinic where Rivers became unresponsive during an Aug. 28 medical procedure.


FL Girl 14 SETS HOME ABLAZE After Argument With Parents
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