Katy Perry Offers To Write Hillary Clinton THEME SONG

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ABC’s Good Morning America crew fawned over Katy Perry showing up for a photo-op at Hillary Clinton‘s “Hard Choices,” book signing.. Saying the “Dark Horse” singer even offered to write a Hillary theme song.

Good Morning America:



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SARA HAINES: And a major case of girl power at Hillary Clinton’s latest book signing. Look who stopped by the reception before her event in Los Angeles. Yep, that’s Katy Perry. She was excited enough to share this Instagram photo with fans and even wrote a message saying, “I told Hillary Clinton that I would write her a theme song if she needs it. But I think roar will do.”


HAINES: Don’t you agree?

GOLODRYGA: That might be the tipping point. Once Hillary gets an offer like that, she may just throw her hat in the ring.

HAINES: At that point, I would run. I get a theme song? Come on. source


Talk about a blatant Hillary puff piece! We wonder how much Perry was paid to pull this press stunt!


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