JetBlue SORRY After Forcing Little Girl To Pee In Seat

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JetBlue Airways issued an apology to a mom who said her child was forced to urinate in her airplane seat because a flight attendant refused to let her visit the restroom.

The plane was sitting on the tarmac.

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Jennifer Devereaux told WBZ-TV in Boston on Friday that she was denied a request to let her 3-year-old daughter use the bathroom while the plane was delayed in taking off from John F. Kennedy International Airport on a flight to Boston.

”Our team reached out directly to the customer today to offer an apology for her experience,” said a JetBlue statement issued by spokesman Sebastian White. source

After a half-hour wait, the toddler urinated in the seat.

JetBlue said the airline was following Federal Aviation Administration regulations that require all passengers to remain seated while a plane is on the taxiway because of the risk of sudden movement.


Obama Throwing Up Some Serious Illuminati Hand Signs At UC Irvine

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  • Currmudgeon

    JB needs 2 advocate with FAA there being 6ish medical causes 4 Urinary Urgency. Doesn’t any1 watch Gotta Go TV ads or have a PG SO?

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