March 11, 2014

Woman Arrested On Manslaughter Over Fatal Injections

Police responded last summer to a 911 call at an hourly-rental NYC hotel and found a 22-year-old Brooklyn woman, alone, having seizures. She later died at a hospital where traces of silicone were found on her buttox near two puncture marks.2014_03_tblaine

Now police say that she was killed during a butt lift procedure, and they’ve arrested a NJ woman in connection with the death.

Tamara Blaine had gone to the Liberty Inn Hotel at 51 Tenth Avenue (where rooms rent by the hour) to meet with Tamira Mobley, 28, on July 8th, 2013. The Post reports, “An investigation showed [Mobley] had paid for the Liberty Inn room with her credit card, and video from the hotel showed the two women in the lobby together the day Blaine died.”


Blaine was alone when emergency responders arrived to the hotel, and the ME’s office “found two puncture marks on the victim’s buttocks, and a blood test found traces of silicone,” according to the Post’s source.

Mobley was arrested yesterday and charged with felony assault and second-degree manslaughter.

An obituary for Blaine stated that she was a college freshman and had a son. source

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