February 28, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Almost Unrecognisable In New Dior Ad

Jennifer Lawrence got a heroin makeover compliments of Photoshop for her recent appearance for Dior.

The image is part of the “Hunger Games” star’s third ad campaign for the luxury brand Dior and many are crying foul, after hardly being able to recognise the actress.

Though Lawrence is on the record as being appreciative of the Photoshop wizards who make her look better, it’s sort of crazy just how far they went for the most recent ads.



Emily Leaman, writing for Philadelphia Magazine, described the ad as giving Lawrence a “bobble-head quality” by drastically slimming her shoulders without changing the size of her head.



  • v_to_l

    Looks pretty much recognizable too me, but still gorgeous

  • DickW

    I think you’ve missed the point.
    The article is about how much they have photoshopped her pictures.

  • Roxtaf

    Her natural look becomes her much better, she looks bland and borin like that.

  • MrSatyre

    It actually looks exactly like her without the tons of makeup she normally wears in front of the camera. Nice to see she looks just as lovely “plain Jane” as she does on the red carpet.

  • http://www.youtube.com/somejackball somejackball

    almost my ass! too easy to tell it’s her

  • BobGyro

    wow she looks great on heroin