Patrick Swayze Widow To REMARRY

December 28, 2013

Lisa Niemi, the actress and dancer who was married to Patrick Swayze for 34 years, is engaged to her jeweler Albert DePrisco. Swayze died in September 2009.fp 1250566 swayze patrick r Patrick Swayze Widow To REMARRY

“Albert proposed to Lisa on Christmas Eve,” the rep says. “I would love companionship love. Absolutely. I hope I’m not one of these women who never want to have another relationship,” Niemi said. “But who knows, that’s another bridge I’ll cross when I come to it. I may get there and go, I don’t know. But I like to think that I can.”


The couple met through mutual friends at a birthday party for Niemi and have been dating for a year and a half.
lisa niemi 300 Patrick Swayze Widow To REMARRY

A year after Swayze died, Niemi, 57, told PEOPLE she was open to the possibility of being married again.



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  • MariusB333

    Life sucks dlck, then after you die, a year later, your wife of 37 years sucks dlck too…….wow kill me now………

    • Meghan

      Do the math, he died in 2009, it’s been 4 years genius

    • CComry

      My life is great.