September 26, 2013


Our friends over at TMZ have another exclusive on their hands — Revealing the home where ex-NBA star,¬†Lamar Odom has been occupying for the purposes of smoking crack.. That is at least until recently. 0926 lamar house tmz wm 3 Lamar Odom CRACK HOUSE REVEALED

Odom had been holdup in a Palm Springs area home with not one, but two different women.. But I wouldn’t worry Khloe, I’m sure they were just smoking crack and nothing else.

The house is located in a gated community in La Quinta, near Palm Springs and it set the stage for Lamar’s most recent embarrassment, a crack binge lasting two solid weeks..


There were reported to be several other people on hand living at the house and helping Odom smoke HIS drugs.

Last night at 8:45 … Lamar left the house and went to the Tarzana home he was sharing with Khloe Kardashian. Sources say he stayed at the house for a “short time” and had a conversation with Khloe.

Lamar left the house and then went to his loft in Downtown L.A.

So in classic druggy style Lamar moves on to his next trainwreck.

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