RIHANNA SLAPS Michael Cera SO HARD He Has To Go Lie Down

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Michael Cera had to lie down after Rihanna slapped him.

Rihanna gave Michael Cera permission to smack her butt during a scene for their new movie, ‘This Is the End,’ in exchange for her slapping him in the face, and according to their director and co-star Seth Rogan, Michael had to lie down in his trailer after she struck him.



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Seth told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show on Friday:

“We did maybe three or four [takes] and he asked her if he could actually slap her butt and she said he could if she could actually slap him back in the face which she did. And I think one of the times she got him in the ear and it wacked off his equilibrium and he had to go lie down in his trailer for a little bit.”

How could anyone hit Michael!? He’s so Ellen cute!



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