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This split screen is of a decorated US Navy SEAL veteran that has begun living as a woman… It’s official! The world’s very first transgender member of the elite special operations force! At least the first to come out of the closet! I gotta say, I did NOT see this one coming! Not so sure I needed to in the first place!

transgender navy s 2581073b Meet The Worlds First TRANSGENDER NAVY SEAL

Now known as, Kristin Beck, fought battles in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq! And even garnered the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, albeit as Chris Beck..


Ms Beck, 46, discloses in a new book that while serving in the tough, all-male unit for 20 years, she was dealing privately with a gender identity disorder dating from early childhood.

“I knew I was a girl in third grade,” she writes in Warrior Princess. “As a young child, I’d dream of switching bodies with my sister. I’d go to bed thinking, ‘I want to be her’.”

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