• 1135792

    She isn’t overweight. She isn’t it even near!!

  • Chris

    She is gorgeous. I am sick of Hollywood shoving skinny
    bitches on us. Her weight is perfect and should not matter to anyone but

  • 12345

    oh my god, i can’t believe this, she looks beautiful and weight has nothing to do with beauty , it’s horrible pages like this that cause celebrities to have eating disorders, you should be ashamed!!!

  • Michelle

    You are not “just saying” !! You are the reason young girls starve themselves and feel worthless, why don’t you comment on real problems, and stop picking on a 15 yr old girl !!

  • Gues

    The girl was abused by her mother, but you are worried about an extra 15 lbs? It sounds like you need to get your priorities straight. Weight in and of itself is not necessarily an indicator of overall health. Get over your body fascism!

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