May 15, 2013

Tyler Perry GAY? Man Brutally Attacked After Making Shock Claim

This is a strange story, this guy comes out on YouTube claiming to be Tyler Perry’s gay lover, and the next thing he knows he gets a beat down complete with getting his face slashed! Our friends at posted a YouTube video of Walter Hampton, the man making shock waves in the black community with the outing of Tyler Perry. But now if this story is true, does this make Perry a gay, gay basher?


: learned that a popular internet celebrity named WALTER HAMPTON made BIG news in the BLACK GAY COMMUNITY last week when he OUTED Tyler Perry – who he claimed has been a friend for years. He claims that when he FIRST met Tyler – Mr Madea was a FLAMBOYANT GAY MAN. And that once Tyler started getting famous he began living in the closet because Tyler’s scared of losing his Black Church following.



Big news right. Well then . . . mysteriously . . . he was BRUTALLY ATTACKED. His face was SLASHED and so was his arm. It’s not clear what happened to Walter . . . but we wish him a speedy recovery.

I have absolutely no problem with Tyler Perry being gay. But I guess if he’s been hiding it, especially after becoming famous, that’s kind of disrespect the gay community. But really is this any big surprise? I mean the guy never dresses in his own genders’ clothing.

Click here to watch dude’s video..


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