Taylor Swift Sued For Millions! ‘You Missed The Hoedown, Now Give Us Our Money Back!’

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Taylor Swift has been slammed with a lawsuit for allegedly keeping a multi-million dollar paycheck for a concert she didn’t even show up to!

Swift has hit with the pricey lawsuit demanding $2.5 million returned after the singer failed to perform at the Capital Hoedown concert in Ottawa in August 2012.



The concert was not canceled by Swift, rather by organizers, and now that $1.8 million has been refunded to customers, the organizer wants their $2.5 million advance fee paid back! It looks like the promoter was all set to take a big bath on this one.

The complaint, filed in federal court in New York by Florida-based ticketing company Fire USA Inc, stated that the 23-year-old singer performed a breach of agreement by refusing to schedule a new performance after the Aug. 11, 2012 concert in Ottawa that was canceled. In the suit, the company claims “Swift and/or through her agent Messina refused to perform and/or reschedule a new appearance,” which “amounted to a breach” of a October 2011 contract between the parties. Organizational problems led to the cancellation of the concert and Swift had already been paid a non-refundable deposit of $250,000 in late October 2011, followed by $2.2 million that December. After customers, who purchased tickets through Evo Merchant Services (a New York credit card payment processing company), demanded their money back, the payment company filed a claim against FIRE for $1.8 million in losses. Now the company that sold tickets for the event feels that Swift should use her sizeable fee to refund $1.8 million worth of ticket purchases, according to documents filed in New York federal court. The singer’s representatives contested that her deal was not with the ticket company and thus she is not liable for the refunds. They also claimed they have not yet seen the lawsuit. source.

Taylor Swift just paid $17 million for a new home, she can certainly afford to give back money that is hers in the first place! Well maybe it was hers in the first place, but she never earned that money and it should be returned..


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