Entire Website Dedicated To Jodi Arias INNOCENT?

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Talk about a waste of bandwidth, this moron built an entire website on the fact he thinks Jodi Arias is innocent… Now the ridiculous part of this equation is, Jody Arias already admitted to killing Travis Alexander! So how can she ever be innocent? Right…

Jodi Arias Is Innocent com Entire Website Dedicated To Jodi Arias INNOCENT?

The website bills itself as the number one Jodi Arias support site in the world and even allegedly allows folks to contact Jodi…


Click here to leave a message for Jodi 1 Entire Website Dedicated To Jodi Arias INNOCENT?

Did I mention? The website is not only taking donations in support of Jodi Arias’ is legal fund, it’s also selling her creepy artwork! That’s right! When she devil’s sitting there doing something and you don’t know what it is, she’s drawing and making bank!

Jodi Arias Original Artwork Entire Website Dedicated To Jodi Arias INNOCENT?

Something tells me Jodiariasisinnocent.com is most likely run by one of Jodi Arias’ family members or close friends, I need how else do they get access to that artwork?

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