Jamie Lynn Spears Tweets Deletes ODD Homage To Justin Timberlake!

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Jamie Lynn Spears tweeted these weird tweets apparently for Justin Timberlake? Then she deleted that tweet and then wrote another one.. WHICH WAS EVEN MORE CONFUSING – about support and family I DON’T KNOW WHAT! :) I know one thing, artists HATE it when someone says something about time going by and their music LOL. Is there any chance little sister was trying to work a little magic and get these two back together? Are you kidding me? That would take more than magic, that would take a time machine to go back and stop adderall from being invented.enhanced-buzz-25734-1365169744-5


Then she cleared matters up.. NOT!


Kim Kardashian Displays RARE BARE BABY BUMP


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Kim Kardashian Displays RARE BARE BABY BUMP
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