SF 49er Michael Crabtree To Be FIRST Openly GAY NFL Player? (TheCount.com EXCLUSIVE)

March 27, 2013

TMZ got this story about San Francisco 49ers‘ wide receiver, Michael Crabtree, ALL WRONG! It was not (all) his ego talking when the player said he was indeed the “future of the NFL,” it was actually a hint as to his “decision” (COMING SOON) to come out of the closet publicly as the NFL’s very first openly gay player. The “future” part of this comment was in reference to what he thinks his actions will set as far as precedence goes in the way the NFL handles gay players in the future. This all coming from an EXCLUSIVE THECOUNT.COM SOURCE, close to the footballer.Michael Crabtree 1750704c SF 49er Michael Crabtree To Be FIRST Openly GAY NFL Player? (TheCount.com EXCLUSIVE)

Okay so! Here’s where TMZ got it wrong, or at least missed the most important nuance of what Crabtree said; (Video below!)


Michael Crabtree’s ego has fully recovered from that huge blown call that cost him the Super Bowl — because he now boldly predicts … he is the FUTURE OF THE NFL! The funniest part is … we weren’t even talking about him when he said it. Here’s the scene: the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver was leaving BOA Steakhouse with Dallas Cowboys stud receiver Dez Bryant last night — and we asked the young stars about NFL rule changes intended to protect players from head injuries. Neither guy replied … so we moved on to another topic.

And don’t think it some big noble gesture for Crabtree to come out, he is just circumventing an incident involving assault that will break in the news later this summer 2013,

ESPN: Crabtree has been interviewed with his attorney present and has cooperated with the investigation, the statement said. The receiver hasn’t been detained or arrested, and he agreed to be available for more questions in the future. The investigation is being handled by the department’s special victims unit. When the investigation is done, the findings will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office, which decides if charges should be filed.



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