Plaxico Burress Already Causing Bad Press For Steelers

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Plaxico Burress finally signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers and already he’s causing mess… According to official records in Florida, Plaxico is set to lose his way to practice because fool just lost his driving privileges

15 plaxico lg Plaxico Burress Already Causing Bad Press For Steelers

TMZ says, a woman named Alise Smith sued Plaxico, claiming he caused a car crash that injured her – and she won $125,000 in damages – BUT, Plaxico never paid the woman, so her lawyer requested that the FL DMV suspended the troubled football player’s driving privileges in retaliation. It worked…


To get it back Plax must pay the judgment OR challenge the DMV’s actions.

I am here to tell you folks! It’s not going to get any better! It never gets any better! Only, well, you know the rest! Good luck Steelers’ organization! You’re going to need lots of it over the next season!

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