March 6, 2013

Man Dies After Denied 36 Times From 25 Hospitals In 2 Hours

A few days after a nurse refused to give a dying person CPR, a 75-year-old Japanese man died after being turned away from 25 different hospitals, all who cited a lack of beds and staff as their reason for denial.


Reports say that the senior requested medical attention 36 times at area hospitals, all within two hours time, on January 6, after he started experiencing chest pains and having trouble breathing.


The man called an ambulance which arrived at his residence in short order and when Paramedics arrived they provided first aid and called several hospitals in order to get the elderly resident admitted, but, out of all 25 hospitals in the city and the neighboring areas contacted, all responded that they were not equipped to receive the dying senior.

Eventually emergency med techs were able to find a location where he could be treated, but by that time his condition had already worsened to the point he passed away in the ambulance.

Doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival at the hospital, three hours after he made the original call alerting emergency services of his condition.

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