March 2, 2013

Andrew Bynum Strapped For Cash? Fire Sale Ferrari

Andrew Bynum is trying to sell off his superb silver 2009 F430 Ferrari — Which begs the question; is the Laker strapped for cash? Is he ready to settle down in a sedan?andrew-bynum-ferrari-lead-copy

2012-13 season has not been the been the bestso maybe this has got him reevaluating his life after basketball? Perhaps a minivan is in his post baller future? If he sells the Ferrari for the $209,000 asking price, he’ll be able to buy lots of minivans…



According to Thornwood Motors, Bynum dropped a staggering $200k in upgrades!


This ONE of ONE Celebrity Owned 2009 Ferrari F430 SUPERCHARGED Coupe is custom in every way possible! With 785 HP and $200k in upgrades! Car comes complete with all books, keys, window sticker and complete VIP build book.


Can a seven-footer even fit in a Ferrari? How many months a year can you even drive a Ferrari in Philadelphia?.


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