FL Sinkhole Swallows Man In Bed

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Now this is much better than a sinkhole eating a SUV and even better than a sinkhole gobbling up an entire fast food joint. No this time it’s way better! Meet the sink hole that swallowed up a Florida man while he was sleeping in his bed!

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The sinkhole is about 20 feet to 30 feet (6 to 9 meters) across and may be 30 feet deep, said Bill Bracken, president of the engineering company assisting emergency workers.

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The hole was originally reported to be 100 feet across, but that is the diameter of the safety zone surrounding it, Bracken said. “It started in the bedroom, and it has been expanding outward and it’s taking the house with it as it opens up,” he said.

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sinkhole gobbles up fast food restaurant



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