HIS CLOSE UP: Britney’s New Man

OMG THANKS TMZ!  And by the way, I think this guy is perfectly fine for Britney. He reminds me of a Chris Klein type. Look, if he can handle her– then he’s good, everybody’s good!0221 david britney spears mystery man photos launch v2 1 HIS CLOSE UP: Britney’s New Man0221 david jason trawick facebook 2 HIS CLOSE UP: Britney’s New Man

We spoke to several people who know David Lucado … and they gave us a bunch of info. For starters, Dave’s originally from Appomattox, Virginia. He was a great student growing up and he loves golf.

He moved to Atlanta after high school … and recently moved to L.A. for a girl — but we’re told that relationship ended a few months ago, so David’s totally single.



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