Entire Website Devoted To Honoring The Hot Girls Of FoxNews

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The intro to the website devoted entirely to the Girls Of FoxNews goes something like this:

foxgirls 1 Entire Website Devoted To Honoring The Hot Girls Of FoxNewsPersonally, I think Shannon Bream is just adorable, and you know Martha McCallum would be a blast to hang out with.

I’d love to go dancing with Julie Banderas, and nothing’s better than watching Tracy Byrnes get excited as she makes a strong point on the economy. foxgirls 3 Entire Website Devoted To Honoring The Hot Girls Of FoxNewsPlus I just love the battle of the legs on The Five as Andrea Tantaros and Kimberly Guilfoyle dangle those gams for the camera. And doesn’t Sandra Smith have the cutest voice?


The website displays thousands of screen captures from some dude’s living room TV. Good thing he didn’t show the rug… Then the obsessed one goes on, 

Though I’m a hardcore Republican, Democrat Kirsten Powers has this quiet sultriness that puts me over the top… and I still can’t quite read Jamie Colby… gorgeous, but unsure what she would really be like in real life. Alisyn Camerota would be a fun date, as would Juliet Huddy… and though she is to the left of me, I would marry Lis Wiehl in a heartbeat. foxgirls 2 Entire Website Devoted To Honoring The Hot Girls Of FoxNewsMaybe one day I’ll post a photo of how she looked in her pre-Fox days… you wouldn’t recognize her with that 1970’s radical feminist thing going on. (Be sure to check out our Fox Girl Trivia page!)

Now I think I get how FoxNews always seems to win in the ratings! Check out foxnewsgirls.com.

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