New Drone Locates Target By DNA?

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File this under “crazy conspiracy theories” along side all of the other crazy conspiracy theories — that ended up being true… An all new style of drone technology that doesn’t locate the target by using the soon-to-be victim’s cellphone transmission, rather it finds the target by reading, tracking and extinguishing its DNA… I know right?

From what I from what I understand it’s a two-step process, this little nasty drone with the hypodermic needle lands on you and collects your DNA, then it communicates the frequency of your DNA to a larger drone that soon arrives to kill you. This theory ‘assumes’ that DNA emits a frequency… I know right?

The new technology is being rolled out for the very first time to help and sniff out and assassinate killer cop killer, on the run, Christopher Dorner.


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Now for my regular disclaimer: This conspiracy theory, like others that appear on from time to time, come compliments of my uncle, the same guy who ends up every evening in a drunken heap… Having said that, he’s also the same guy seems to ALWAYS get this stuff right! He says he has “high friends in places,” but I think he channels it whilst inebriated … I know right?

Building 7… I know right?

I am very interested in what you guys think about this subject so please comment below using Facebook…


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