January 22, 2013

Before They Went Bald: Moby, Woody, Howie, Daughtry AND MORE!

Retro pictures of some of our favorite male celebrities before or during the balding process. One could almost surmise that going bald was the best thing ever happened these guys! But before you grab a razor remember that it’s not as easy as it looks. Some guys don’t have such good-looking bald heads — and they end up looking like aliens or cancer patients. The following gentlemen had no such problem, matter of fact from the ashes of disaster grew the roses of their success.

Howie Mandel.enhanced-buzz-15899-1358884958-10

Woody Harrelson.enhanced-buzz-24259-1358872316-0 Moby.enhanced-buzz-15148-1358872063-0  Larry David.enhanced-buzz-1827-1358872085-18Daughtry.


Vin Dieselenhanced-buzz-23458-1358872327-0source

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