Al Roker: ‘I Touched Cloth At The White House’

January 7, 2013

Everyone’s favorite ever-shrinking weatherman, Al Roker has made an admission that would probably best be filed under “a little too much information…”

 Al Roker: I Touched Cloth At The White House

Roker curiously revealed that on a visit to the White House during March 2002 he had a uncontrollable “movement” AKA he messed in his pants…


MSNnow says that Roker continues to live his life without any boundaries and I think that’s all well and fine but someone needs to draw the line at the poop…

Al Roker continues to live a life of zero boundaries. On Sunday night, he informed NBC’s “Dateline” that he once pooped his pants at the White House. In March 2002, Roker underwent gastric bypass surgery, which notoriously messes with one’s daily “movements.” The brown-out occurred a month later while Roker was covering an event at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Roker walked his audience through the accident in excruciating detail, revealing that he planned to release only a modest fart in an empty corridor, but accidentally followed through with some gusto. His recovery plan involved dumping the soiled briefs in a bathroom trashcan, and rolling commando the rest of the day.

Rock on Roker, now you’re making millions of dollars telling poop jokes, congratulations…


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