New Christian Slater Horror Flick Earns $264 In Biggest Box Office Disaster Of 2012

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Here is a striking example of just how badly a movie can BOMB at the box office. The award of “absolute lowest movie moneymaker of 2012” goes to, “Playback,” starring Christian Slater with a total of just $264. Two hundred and sixty four dollars…

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 1.12.19 PM
The horror movie set in a small town earned a total gross of $264.00. It was released in theaters the week of March 16 – 22. Calculations show that only 33 people bought tickets to the movie which was distributed through Magnolia.



The film had an estimated budget of $7.5 million!

Slater plays a crooked cop who is working to expose evil in his small town. Oh, how original.

Source BoxOfficeMojo


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