Katt Williams $4 Million Tax Lien Document (By Request)

THECOUNT.COM "News You Can Count On!" - December 28, 2012

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Poor Kat Williams, guy can’t seem to catch a break! After a string of bad judgment calls now it seems Uncle Sam is adding to the drama! $4 million worth of drama!

By request, here is the actual one page tax document demanding a cool $4 mill…

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E! News has obtained a tax lien filed by the IRS on December 18 against the comedian.

According to the one-page document, Williams has two outstanding balances from 2008 and 2009. He owes $3,200,908.92 for the year 2008 and $829,352.11 for the year 2009, for a grand total of just over $4 million.

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The revelation comes just days after Williams was cited by police in Hollywood for a parking violation and just weeks after he was arrested in Seattle following a bar fight. Not to mention other run-ins with the law over the last couple of months.

Williams recently announced he is retiring from stand-up comedy. Although, given what he owes the IRS, that might not be such a good idea now.


Could This Be The Next Mrs. Tom Cruise?
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