CHRISTMAS TEASE! Nicki Minaj Waves HUGE Wad Of Cash For NO Reason

THECOUNT.COM "News You Can Count On!" - December 27, 2012


The ever goofy Nicki Minaj hosted her own Christmas party in New York last night wearing this git up… And as if the crowd didn’t already know that Nicki got mad stacks, she waved a big old wad of Franklins as proof… For apparently no other reason than just a “haha I got money” moment played out on already hard-hit New Yorkers in her audience…


And if you’re hoping she was feeling charitable and actually disseminated some of those hundred dollar bills, think again, that s**t went right back in her big fat, wallet…


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DRAKE Warns Macy's Wallgreens 'Chill Or Cut Me A Check'
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