SHOCK JOCKS! DJs Prank Call Kate Middleton Hospital Room! (AUDIO!)

THECOUNT.COM "News You Can Count On!" - December 5, 2012


A couple of DJs called and actually got through pranking Kate Middleton’s nurse last night! All while pretending to be the Queen and MC as Prince Charles!!

Although the accents were terrible, the very nervous nurse seemed to believe them and had a chat, revealing a little too much information.


“She’s sleeping at the moment and she has had an uneventful night, she’s been given some fluids, she’s stable at the moment. I would suggest that any time after 9 o’clock will be suitable to visit… we’ll be getting her freshened up… Will went home at about 9 o’clock last night. She’s quite stable she hasn’t had any retching with me and she’s been sleeping on and off…”


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