Girl 15 Slashes Dad With Knife After Refusing To Clean Her Room

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Cops say a 15-year-old Florida girl pulled out a knife and slashed her father’s arm after he asked the teen to clean her room.

According to the sheriff, Alica Texter, went ballistic and started throwing things inside the house after her father asked her to clean up.


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The teen took hatred of her chores to an entirely new level after picking up a fillet knife and attempting to stab her father who defended himself with a frying pan.

Alicia was successful in stabbing her father once and then made matters worse by slamming his injured arm in the door as he tried to flee the house to contact Deputies.

The girl was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and violations of probation for past domestic violence battery against her father.

She now sits in a clean cell in the Lee County Jail.


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