November 16, 2012

GMA TO LINDSAY: GUESS WHAT? You Have A 17-Year-Old Sister!

Either Lindsay Lohan is playing real coy appearing on Good Morning America this morning or she honestly doesn’t know that she could potentially have a 17-year-old sister.

TMZ broke the news yesterday that Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael took part in a paternity test which came back positive indicating he was in fact the father of a mystery 17-year-old girl, which would make that girl – Lindsay’s sister…


During Lindsay’s GMA appearance to promote Liz & Dick the actress was asked if she had heard the news that she might indeed have a another sister, Lindsay responded by not only totally brushing off the GMA host but also indicating that she had no connection to reality saying, “I didn’t even hear that,” and when pressed Lohan concluded, “I don’t pay attention to any of that.”

Is Lindsay doing a great bit of acting here? Or is she really unaware of the huge news that she, herself may have a sister? stay tuned…

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