ALL WET: Gloria Allred DESTROYED in Court FORGOT Basic Filing

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In her desperate attempt to destroy Mitt Romney, Gloria Allred got herself destroyed – by the judge – being the unlucky recipient of an embarrassing exchange of a slap down in her now failed attempt to discredit Romney. Allred must have gotten up this morning and tied her shoelaces together by forgetting to file a basic motion to the court… The judge did not let her off lightly, strictly admonishing her in front of the court and on the official record…

Pro-Obama TMZ reports the events this way:

As we first reported, Mitt testified in the divorce of Staples’ founder Tom Stemberg — and Tom’s ex-wife Maureen claims Mitt lied under oath, falsely undervaluing Staples’ stock in order to shaft her in the divorce.


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Mitt’s people have already said the Presidential hopeful doesn’t care if the testimony is released — he has nothing to hide.

Things didn’t fare so well for Gloria Allred — her request to ungag her client was shut down by the hot judge … because Gloria never submitted an official motion to the court.

Gloria was grasping at straws in a last ditch effort to get the judge to cut her a break — but she was shot down, hard.

The transcripts will be released to the Globe any minute.


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