TRUMP PREVIEW? I Have Obama DIVORCE Documents From 2000

THECOUNT.COM "News You Can Count On!" - October 24, 2012


Just what does Donald Trump have up his sleeve? According to him and other sources, Michelle Obama tried to get divorced from Barack back in 2000! Really? Trump is reportedly poised to release the shocking news that President almost lost his blushing bride after losing an election for a House seat – Trump’s official announcement will pop off at noon on his Twitter and Facebook.

Mrs Obama prepared the divorce papers to separate from the President in 2000 following his disastrous attempt to win a House seat in Chicago.

After he lost miserably the future First Lady was supposedly disgusted that her husband had put at risk their ‘stable and secure future’.


The book claims their marriage – in its eighth year at the time – was ‘on the rocks’ with Mr Obama so depressed some of his friends feared he was suicidal.

In the end Mr Obama ran for a Senate seat in Illinois and won it in, assuming office in 2005 and restoring her faith in him.


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