REPORT: Rihanna Pregnant With Chris Brown Baby

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Respected gossip website, is reporting Rihanna is pregnant! And guess who they say the baby daddy is! I’ll give you a hint, his initials are C.B. and it is not Charlie Brown!

Pregnant singer Rihanna arrived at a Los Angeles recording studio at 2 a.m. wearing sweats and using her Gucci handbag to cover her tummy.

Rihanna covers bump INF REPORT: Rihanna Pregnant With Chris Brown Baby


So far Rihanna and her camp have been tight-lipped about Rihanna’s bun in the oven — and for good reason. RiRi is reportedly very upset that word leaked about her pregnancy. She had planned to announce her pregnancy as part of the promotion for her new album. But those plans have been scrapped.

Instead, she and the baby’s father, Chris Brown, will make a “special announcement” after the album drops.
Meanwhile, I’m told that preparations are being made in LA and Barbados for the baby’s arrival. Rihanna’s family will care for the newborn when RiRi goes back out on the road.

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A close source to the island beauty told Urban Islandz that Chris Brown may have gotten her knocked up during their year long affair behind Karrueche’s back.

“Everyone in our circle is speculating because all of a sudden she stop drinking and smoking and a host of other things,” the source said.

“She be getting a lil sick so everyone is making fun of her saying ‘gal ur f*kn knocked up,’” the source added
Rihanna’s next album, Unapologetic, is set for a Nov. 19 release.

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