ROCKSTAR Energy Destroys BIRDMAN In Real Estate Deal – OVER $7 MIL PROFIT!

THECOUNT.COM "News You Can Count On!" - October 14, 2012


Rap brass The Birdman might have just have a bird-sized-brain, at least when it comes to buying real estate – because the feathered one – just over-paid $7 MIL on his new crib… All thanks To Rockstar Energy Company.

The massive crib was sold to Birdman for a cool $14.5 MIL CASH – by the owner of Rockstar Energy Drink Company, who bought the house for a mere $6.7 MIL just 2 years earlier. Rockstar purchased the home from drug addict and former mega-producer Scott Storch who lost it to foreclosure.


Birdman may have co-founded Cash Money Records and made a mint of the green stuff – but – that does not mean he knows the value of a dollar, or in this case, over seven million of the little buggers.

The crazy-huge house is a big as a hotel and has 9-bedrooms and 17-bathrooms – But come on! over a $7 MIL profit? THESE DAYS! It is safe to say, THE BIRDMAN – has officially been tar and feathered…


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