Dr ENABLER Conrad Murray Crying Earns Him Bigger Cell

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A day after a Conrad Murray’s lawyer sent a letter to the judge insisting he was suffering a “slow death” because of his small cell, jailers moved him to a larger one.

Murray was moved from a 5-foot-by-7-foot cell to a 8-foot-by-10-foot cell within the Los Angeles County jail. While gaining some space he lost the bars which created an airy floor plan, the new cell has a solid door with a small stifling window.



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It’s not a good thing,” his lawyer Valerie Wass said. “It’s like being stuck in a closet and he’s freaking out,” she said. “He is feeling really isolated.

Murray’s lawyer will be meeting with the jail to discuss his health problems as she tries to blame them on his limited exercise area.

“He needs exercise,” she said. “You’ve got to get him out of that cell more than once a week.”

Why not just let the good doctor out in general population? I bet he would get some good exercise then!


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