WOW! JWOWW Lawsuit! Sued For $450,000

JWoww’s ex landlord filed suit against her claiming his privacy rights had been violated(?) and his properties had been damaged.

Jenni JWoww Farley Bikini photos 02 560x8441 WOW! JWOWW Lawsuit! Sued For $450,000

Stuart Levine is demanding $450,000 for unauthorized use of his property and reimbursement for damage to the home.


JWoww rented said property located in Malibu in 2008, before she hit it big with “Jersey Shore”.

JWoww is not the only one mentioned in the lawsuit — 495 Productions is also taking part of the blame from Levine. Did Farley and 495 Productions breached a contract on use of the plaintiff’s property, and committed unjust enrichment and conversion? Time will tell…


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