Let’s Call Him The “Colorado Coward” Shot Little Kids While In Armor Then Gave Up To Cops, Ratting Self Out

Carey - July 20, 2012


I officially dub James Holmes “The Colorado Coward” because the gunman took aim at mostly young people, teen girls and a 4-month-old baby and then when it came time to confront cops, with all of his body armor and guns, the puss wilted to officers, giving no fight and blabbing about how he had rigged his apt (after all that work!) What a coward…

A 16-year-old girl died from gunshot wounds and the baby was taken to University of Colorado Hospital, for gunshot and shrapnel wounds.

Most of the victims were under 40, including a 6-year-old… The oldest reported patient is 45.


Batman Shooter James Holmes Pictured Red / Orange Hair

Patients at the Medical Center of Aurora were also treated for chemical exposure, said to be caused by tear gas used by the suspect.

An emergency room doctor at the University of Colorado Hospital said the scene was chaotic, with patients dropped off by police cars, ambulances and regular cars.

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Batman Shooter James Holmes Pictured Red / Orange Hair
Batman Shooter Shocking Resemblance To American Idol Phillip Phillips!

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