Who Is This Lana Del Rey Chick?

Lisa Mason Lee - February 6, 2012


I know you’ve seen this ‘paid for name’ in headlines! I’ll tell you why.Lana Del Rey’s real name is Lizzie Grant, who was a plain-jane, failing musician until she got plastic surgery, a name change and Interscope Records to back her.

Lizzie seemed like a sweet girl, who had sweet dreams and a sweet sense of optimism. Now, since she changed herself into what some say is ‘Illuminati based’, she’s bitchy, cold and lifeless- sporting injected lips!


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Is that what it takes to get media attention and a record deal? The kids will never know right!? We have it figured out. She sacrificed her soul to get to this new level. Congrats! Ohhh we don’t know if she sacrificed a goat, but we can see signs of surgery :)

Now look at her before and after pics:


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  • Luiza

    I cant even express how dumb you are… Lana’s name isnt Lizzy, its Elizaabeth Woolridge Grant, and she has total right to change her artistic name whenever she wants, wand whats wrong if she did plastic surgery? Her songs are called sad and all that bullshit, cause its all about her past, when she passed through big troubles, alcohol addiction and etc… I love her songs and her. YOU are the bitchy lifeless here. GET A LIFE, BASTARD!


    She’s got a RICH daddy!!!

  • nichel

    why the hell do you care about the before and after…sounds like a bit of jealousy on your part. I don’t know her personally, but did get a chance to meet her and she was nothing but kind and genuine,,,, stop drinkin the haterade

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