Katy Perry TGIF Cursed Picture I See Dead People

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There is some very strange talk on this cool November night- talk of weird occurrences in Katy Perry’s video, Last Friday Night TGIF. Some talk of a cursed picture appearing in the video and other simply say they see dead people.

Look below to see the video everyone is talking about.

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  • Turtlepower344

    I just think the house is cursed.

  • Wtf

    curses are a misconception of the biochemical sequences in our brain neurons. we believe what we want to believe. and our subconsciousness will rebound those signals into our reality. not saying there isn’t anything that could be true. im just taking a scientific approach to it.

  • Casey Pembleton

    On Facebook, it said they died in 1887. And that The picture is cursed. I don’t belive it. I must not be cursed because I’ve been having the best of luck lately and I read this last week.

  • no. it is also said that these two people died in that house in 1887….black people weren’t allowed in the same house as white people in 1887.

  • Nicole Fontenot

    If u look at 3:21 in the video there are two people that are supposed to be dead the black guy behind Rebacca and the black girl behing the blond that is pale

  • WTF I’m cursed !!!!!!!!

  • oMG! I’m gonna die! :/ What now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • AlisonRose

    i see three dead people in the picture I’m scared