Britney Spears Has a Big Bald Spot

Lisa Mason Lee - July 21, 2010


Britney Spears was spotted yesterday, shopping at the “Crate & Barrel” store at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in Sherman Oaks, CA. Later on that day, after viewing the pictures that the paparazzi captured, one pap discovered something strange looking on Britney’s head.

Britney’s hair was in a ponytail at one point, then it was all down. When she let her hair down, this is what they found…


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It looks like Britney hasn’t washed her hair in days, plus, it looks like it’s been ripped out! It couldn’t be that short still since the legendary head shave. There was a rumor a few months ago that she freaked out and locked herself in a hotel bathroom and cut her hair. When Britney checked out of the hotel, her hair was then found in her hotel room bathroom by a maid. Maybe that story was true? I still love her no matter what!

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  • stillnakedbullwinkle

    I have a full head of hair so far! I only pull my hair out when my favorite sushi buffet is picked clean…argghhhhh

  • nanindy

    All her hair is extensions…her only real hair is about 3-4 inches.

  • DancingSpiderman


    Instead of cutting her skin during hissy fits, she violently cuts off her head hair?

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