Hot or Not? Kim Kardashian Blonde at Teen Choice Awards-She’s Not Wiggin’ Out This Time

Lisa Mason Lee - August 10, 2009

Kim Kardashian has wanted to be a blonde, or something different from her dark shade for so long! For at least the past 6 months, she’s been experimenting with different types of wigs. She would put a wig on, take a picture, and then post it to her website for people to see. Results from the public flooded in. It seemed like people were not into her changing her hair color. I never thought it was that big of a deal, but a lot of Kim fans and haters did think it was a big deal. Looks like she did what she wanted this time! I like it! I think she looks really pretty :) Go Kim! HOT

Kim Kardashian at 2009 Teen Choice

Kim Kardashian at 2009 Teen Choice


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  • Ultragod

    What a sick girl. As if California doesn’t already have enough fakes – yawn.

  • jasmine

    i luv her new hair. it sum hoe standz out

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