March 26, 2009

Holy Cow What Happened To Daryl Hannah?

Daryl Hannah claims she would never go under the knife, but new photos in
In Touch Weekly look a little suspicious.

The 48-year-old actress seems to be among the growing list of celebrities whose plastic surgery has gone bad.

 Holy Cow What Happened To Daryl Hannah?


Why do celebrities insist on fighting age? We will all get older one day people!! It’s something we are not meant to fight in such ways. Age gracefully and apply a little cream at night. Eat right. Drink water….but don’t go under the knife and rearrange your face.

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  • ThecounT

    In a word, BLADERUNNER! Classic film, classy lady!


    Re. ‘Holy Cow’.

    I was about 14 when I landed at a very unlikely place in the early 1980’s. I grew up with ‘The The’, B’52’s, ‘The Cure’ and the Brat Pack. I listened to Jackson Browne on my Walkman, like other teenaged boys, and I loved Daryl Hannah. She was unlike Pop Culture’s watered down stars of that era, she was remarkably beautiful and supernaturally gifted. Watching her films made gave me a deeper connection with humanity, and I behaved myself because well, some one like her wouldn’t like me if I broke the law or hurt people for no reason…I watched Knots Landing on Thursday nights, and eventually I earned a place in the Southern California Coastal late ’80’s that gave me a life I wouldn’t have lived…I still think of Miss. Hannah, as a retired Manhattan lifeguard and former rescue swimmer. If she’s making provisions for the future by having some plastic surgury now, I cheer her for it. I’ll just behave myself and wait until she’s ready to surface again in the movies that kept a generation going!

    George Glass, Consultant

  • jan

    Joe, you sound like an ugly, grotesque redneck. I picture you as ugly inside and out.

  • Joe

    That’s one ugly bimbo. I bet you are too, Vicki.

  • http://---------------------------- vicki

    Danna, Hope you are doing well. Nasty comments re your surgery are not kind. You only had the surgery because female actors of your age are not getting any work. Saw you in in the documentrary that Rosana Arquitte did on “Searching for Debra Winniger” dealing with “Ageisioum” in Hollywood.

    I worked in Animation for 35 yrs. but I had 4 resumes outside the biz. I’ve had 2 seperate plastic surgies. Just for me and to get work. Had the BEST SURGEON…

    You do so much animal rescue, green, etc. and I appreciate all that you do outside this nasty biz. Health, Peace and Courage. Vicki


    Why would she DO that?? Her plastic surgeon should be shot. When you’re that pretty , why not age gracefully. Now she looks like the son of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. …a dead tadpole. YUCK !!!