• http://thecount.com/members/lisa/ Lisa Mason Lee

    @ WINDYCRAWFORD Exciting! what did you do on the movie? I am an actress and I run this site :D


    I worked on Young American’s AKA KIDS IN AMERICA with ANNA she is not only beautiful, but kind and has a fantastic sense of comic timing!!!
    Glad to know it is finally coming out we had such fun making it ! So funny !!!!! A must see !!!!

  • jesse

    anna is one hot cookie,and im glad she is very funny

  • abhishek

    she is cute as well as bold

  • Sérgio Melo

    This woman is a delight.

  • ShElby


  • ali

    i love you

  • http://?? norr

    she is very very gostosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…!!!

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